Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Franklin University: Pre-App Transfer Credit Information… 19 June 2020

Franklin University Offers Pre-Application Transfer Credit Information: Courses & Programs, Money Saved, Time to Degree

Franklin University Transfer CreditAt a time when enrollment concerns are mounting, the importance of adding new transfer students is increasing at many colleges and universities. But few schools boost recruitment efforts by letting potential transfer students get key information before they decide to submit an application for admission. Franklin University is different.

Most schools don’t make it especially easy for people trying to pick a transfer school to get information in 3 key areas in advance of an application that Franklin covers:

  • Which of my courses will actually transfer into a degree program at your school?
  • What will it cost me to finish my degree with you?
  • How long will it take me to graduate?

Answer the most important question before an admission application…

For most people the first and most critical question is learning what courses they have already completed will transfer for degree credit in a particular major. Courses that “transfer” but don’t count for general education or a specific major don’t mean much.

Schools that make people wait until after they have been admitted to get the answer to this question are not serious about recruiting tranfer students. Period.

Franklin University transfer creditStart by telling Franklin the school(s) where you have earned credits. Move along from that point to picking your programs of interest from among the ones that Franklin offers. If you don’t see what you want, stop there. If Franklin has your program you’ll end up knowing how much time it will take you with your tranfer credits to complete a Franklin degree. Time, as they say, is money.

Mobile friendly…

The transfer info website at Franklin has been active for several years. If you visited it on a smartphone when it first appeared you got a message that you had best move to a large screen device to more easily fill in the forms. Things have changed since then. Now, if you wish, you can complete the process on a mobile phone. Nice.

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    • Actually, don’t know if they are using any agency/vendor at all for this. It has been online for several years now. Have not seen anything else like it at other schools and i do search about. If it is an agency project they are not selling many of them. One of us will have to reach out to someone at Franklin admissions and see if we can get an answer. Let me do that tomorrow.

    • Here’s the update… info provided by Scott Booth: “I led enrollment and marketing at Franklin at the time including the strategy, design and launch of the tool. The CIO at Franklin led the creation. All in house.” The CIO, Rick Sunderman, is still at Franklin.

      Scott also sent a link to a 2015 article in Campus Technology describing creation and first results from the site: “The Credit Transfer Approach that Boosted Enrollment by 13%”

      From my years of searching about for Link of the Week sites I’ve learned that type and size of a school as little bearing on marketing innovation… that’s nore dependent on the insight/imagination of particular people at a given place who want to make something happen.

      • Also important to note that Franklin was blessed with an incredible marketing, enrollment, Registrar, and IT team with high levels of collaboration. We also had excellent support from senior leadership. All around great team effort!

  1. It’s also important to note that we have a very talented marketing, enrollment, IT and Registrar team that worked well individually and collectively. Our IT was second to none. We also benefited from senior leadership support for and investment in our strategic initiatives.

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