Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Montreal: Special “Out of the Ordinary” Home Page… 26 June 2020

“A Fall Out of the Ordinary…” at University of Montreal Home Page

University of MontrealProbably safe to say that the #1 thing on the minds of university students (and faculty and staff) for this fall is… what will this fall be like at my school? Despite that extraordinary interest, only one of the many websites I’ve visited in the last few weeks has recognized that interest by creating special home page content.

That’s the University of Montreal.

Yes, every home page has a COVID-19 update link someplace on the home page. Most are easy to find. Some are not. But the overall home page content does little to recognize what’s most on the mind of current and future students. The University of Montreal is different.

On mobile or large screen computer you can’t miss the opening message that things are not going to be the same: “A Fall Out of the Ordinary is Preparing.” In other words, an immediate, realistic acknowlegement that things will not be “normal.”

What can you expect in the fall? Follow the “Essential Resources to Support Your Success” link to view 7  easy-to-scan content topic blocks on the “Back to School Fall 2020” page:

University of Montreal

  • Admission
  • Course Registration
  • Student Life
  • Support to Succeed
  • International Students
  • Money Matters
  • COVID-19

Over the summer…

Will we see more home page content like this in the next few weeks? Let’s hope so. As the fall semester gets closer and closer, the imperative grows to get as detailed as possible about what’s happening. And to feature that content more prominently than anything else. It is, after all, easily the #1 issue in higher education.

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See how one university has made a major home page change to recognize what’s most important to everyone right now when you visit “A Fall Out of the Ordinary is Preparing” at the University of Montreal home page.

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