Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Top 10 University Minecraft Sites… 17 July 2020

Students, alumni create university campuses & events on Minecraft

Top 10 University Minecraft sitesPeople have been creating replicas of their college and university campuses on the Minecraft gaming site for several years since it opened in 2011. Closing of campuses earlier this year from the Coronavirus crisis appears to have increased the creativity rate. Entire campuses are being reconstructed as well as special events such as Commencement.

Today we take you to a YouTube video with rankings of the “Top 10” sites so that you can sample a variety of examples in one place. Decide then if a Minecraft version of a campus tour created by your own students might have a role in your student recruitment contacts for 2020-21.

For those of you like myself who may be new to Minecraft here is a brief definition from a 2016 University of Buffalo article:

  • “Minecraft, released in 2011, is a popular video game in which players work together in a sandbox — development space where drafts are tested before projects are shared publicly — to use various types of blocks to construct buildings in a 3-D world.”

University of Washington MinecraftHere are the Top 10 sites included in the YouTube listing.

  1. University of Washington
  2. University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  3. University of Pennsylvania
  4. UC Irvine
  5. UC Berkeley
  6. UCLA
  7. Brown University
  8. Boston University
  9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  10. Stanford University

Jasper, the collection creator, notes that these were works in progress in April. If you visit any of them now you may well find that more campus features have been added. Jasper has not visited all the Minecraft college and university sites that exist. Google about to see if your competitors have created a version.

For more reading and Minecraft examples…

More on how schools are using Minecraft, including a UK example, in a Terminal Four blog post: “Students missing university life recreate campuses in Minecraft.”

Does your college or university have a Minecraft site?

If the answer is yes, take a moment and add that in the comments below.

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