Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Melbourne: COVID-19 Tops Home Page… 10 July 2020

COVID-19 Takes Top Page Placement on University of Melbourne Home Page

The University of MelbourneFor the first Link of the Week selection in July we return to the topic that closed link selections in June: a rare home page that gives dominant placement to the topic this is arguably of top interest to everyone associated with the university: COVID-19 impact, changes and preparations.

On either mobile or large screen computers visitors will see the same “can’t miss” “Life Beyond Coronavirus” heading. What’s especially unuusal here is the link to “Watch our experts” report on “Preventing the next pandemic.” Yes, Melbourne is telling us that there’s likely to be another. Follow this link to see 6 episodes including the vaccine search, impact on the way we work, and more.

Just below the opening are 3 high visibility links to content of immediate interest: (1) Virtual campus, (2) Coronavirus updates, and (3) How we’re fighting COVID-19.

People who scroll further down will see that much of the usual home page content follows. But Melbourne goes well beyond the common approach of adding a single small (sometimes difficult to see) link to a “Coronavirus update.”

Over these next few weeks the Coronavirus impact likely will remain the topic of highest interest to not only potential students but to current students and faculty and staff as well. In that environment opening the home page with the usual content just doesn’t seem to ring as true as the Melbourne approach. Time for a content strategy change at more schools.

Another COVID-19 home page at University of Montreal…

If you missed the Link of the Week selection for the University of Montreal COVID-19 ” A fall out of the ordinary…” home page you can find it here.

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