Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… UNC-Chapel Hill: Covid-19 Dashboard… 14 August 2020

Detailed, easy-to-scan COVID-19 Dashboard at UNC – Chapel Hill

UNC -Chapel Hill COVID 19 We’re getting well started  with reopening dates at colleges across the U.S. this week… including the many schools that decided to have students return to campus. How will the COVID-19 virus act on campus? Transparency will be important. That means timely posting of data on campus testing, positivity rates, and more for students, faculty, and staff.

Many colleges and universities have created dashboards where people can keep up with COVID-19 news and results. One of the most detailed and easy-to-scan examples we’ve found is from University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Dashboard data includes:

  • New Positive Cases each week for students and employees
  • Campus Testing – Students Only (cumulative and weekly results)
  • Occupancy rates for on-campus housing
  • Isolation Room Capacity Available for on-campus students
  • Quarantine Room Capacity Available for on-campus students

UNC - Chapel Hill Covid-19The data view you’ll see on a large screen computer doesn’t work well on a mobile phone should you arrive at the dashboard via a phone-based Google search. With any luck you’ll notice a link to a “Mobile Friendly Dashboard” version that is also easy to scan.

A current news note…

UNC – Chapel Hill is, as I write this, experiencing COVID-19 cluster outbreaks (defined as at least 5 positive cases) at 4 locations… a fraternity, two campus housing residences, and a private off-campus student housing facility. Students have been back on campus for about a week. Data on these cases should appear in the next weekly update.

Faculty have written to the Board of Governors asking that the UNC – Chapel Hill President be allowed to make COVID-19 decisions withour first getting approval from the Governors. That letter is here.

  • And now the 17 August news that UNC-Chapel Hill decided to send almost all students back home to reduce dorm density to about 20 percent. Classes will go online. COVID-19 has won this battle. The war continues.

A public relations note…

To see how UNC hopes things will work on campus there’s a short 1:12 video… starting with campus move-in, students walking accross campus several feet apart, students sitting on campus lawns and in classrooms at socially distanced spaces. Everyone wearing masks. It is about as idyllic as you can make a campus look under the circumstances. Watch the “Back to School” video.

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