Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Recruiting California Students… 18 September 2020

California Exports Students… most often to Western universities

Higher ed data storiesWhere are traditional age California students most likely to enroll if they don’t stay in California? In other western states, especially Oregon and Arizona.

That’s a key marketing research point if you one of the many schools where home state demographics are prompting a search for more fertile recuiting grounds. California might be a wise investment. Or it might not be wise at all.

Thanks to Jon Boeckenstedt’s skill with Tableau software everyone has an easy way to see where California students are most likely to enroll when they travel outside the home state. John offers these 3 dashboard options:

  • Dashboard 1: An easy-to-scan view of every state. Hover over a state bubble and you’ll see the total number of Californians enrolling in 2018. Click on the state and you’ll how many enroll at each school within the state. Do this for any year back to 1986 if you want to know how things have changed for your school and others. (Bonus: You can do this any state.)
  • Dashboard 2: “Institutions with at least 200 Freshmen from California, 2018” grouped within 7 regions. Here’s where you’ll see right away that the 3 top schools are not far from California: University of Oregon (1,219), University of Arizona (1,074), Northern Arizona University (1,034). New York University leads eastern universities with 702. No other “east coast” school enrolled more than the 361 at Boston University.
  • Dashboard 3: “Colleges outside California with at least 10% of freshmen from California.”

Recruitng California students is risky…

For most people the first two dashboards have the most valuable marketing data. And there is a clear marketing message. Most people seeking to recruit new freshmen from California will have a difficult time of it.

That’s especially true for smaller private colleges without serious brand identity in the state. Do you already have 10 to 15 students from California? Best to closely study who they are and why they enrolled before buying lots of “search” names from the state. Or investing in other recruitment activities there. You might be able to expand on your current number. And you might not. Tread with caution.

Future impact of requiring SAT or ACT scores…

Be sure to read Jon’s initial thoughts on the impact of west coast public universities that are not requiring ACT or SAT schores for admission, not just for 2021 but beyond that date. That’s going to put added recruitment pressure on any school that returns to test score admission requirements after 2021. A few schools have the brand strength to do that. The great majority do not.

The mobile view…

This is another place that’s best visited on a laptop or desktop computer. You can explore the data on a smartphone but it isn’t nearly as easy. Take this an another illustration of why “mobile” will not conquer everything.

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