Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Davidson College: COVID-19 Plans at 2,958 Schools… 16 October 2020

Davidson College Faculty, Students Track COVID-19 Operational Plans

Davidson CollegeHow are colleges and universities across the U.S. offering their academic programs during COVID-19 ?

A Davidson College professor, Chris Marsicano, and other faculty and students worked to gather and present data on the various instructional paths taken at nearly 3,000 colleges and universities, including law schools. (Check the entire team here.)

When you first arrive at the dashboard you can quickly scan to see how many schools have selected one of the available instructional paths:

  • Fully online (301)
  • Primarily online (1,001)
  • Hybird (622)
  • Primarily in person (681)
  • Fully in person (114)
  • To be determined (86)
  • Other (153)

Davidson CollegeAll of the institutions are plotted on a map of the US… and that’s a lot of dots crowded together. Most visitors will move along to apply a variety of filters that include (but as the saying goes, are not limited to):

  • Peer groups… this one might be of special interest depending on how well your cluster works. Type in the name of your school to see how accurate this is.
  • US News ratings
  • Urbanicity
  • NCAA division or “other”
  • Carnegie classification
  • Athletics revenue
  • Residence hall capacity
  • Private or public sectors

A mobile note…

If you plan to use the interactive filters as most people will do it is best to visit on a desk top or laptop computer. The view of the filters page isn’t mobile friendly.

Special thanks…

To all the folks at Davidson who spent their time, energy, and creativity to create this.

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