Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Haas School of Business: Task Focused Home Page… 20 November 2020

Academic Programs Open Haas School of Business Home Page

Haas School of BusinessHow do you create a professional school home page that stands out from many if not most similar professional schools? Hint: you don’t open the hope page with news stories or photos of buildings or photos of students in a class room or walking about campus. Instead, give immediate visibility to task-focused links based on the likely interests of potential students.

The University of Berkeley Haas School of Business does just in positioning links to 6 program areas for immediate visibility as the page opens. Visibility is even stronger on a desktop/laptop image as the 6 areas appear directly with the brand statement over the image:

  • Full-Tim MBA
  • MBA for Executives
  • Undergraduate
  • Evening & Weekend MBa
  • Master of Financial Engineering
  • Executive Education

Simple put, this is the right way to arrange content on a professional school page if student recruitment is a priority. Potential student visitors want to know what you can offer them. And they want to explore those options as quickly as possible. We searched about 12 business school websites with high US News rankings… the Haas School was the only one taking this content presentation approach.

Why not post a significant news story instead? Or highlight a specific academic achievement? Because you have no idea if a person visiting the site is interested in that story or that academic achievement. There’s a place on websites for content like that. But not opening the home page.

A design note…

Note that there’s no need to eliminate an opening photo or a short brand note on page like this. Use the photo as background for text that appears over it as Haas has done. What’s not marketing smart is to position the photo by inself so that it forces key content below the photo.

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