Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Rating 298 College COVID Dashboards… 6 November 2020

Comparing 298 College COVID-19 Dashboards in 9 Areas

COVID Dashboard RatingsNearly every college and university has created a dashboard to report COVID-19 status to students, faculty & staff, and the public. And as you might expect, the qualit of the dashboards varies from one school to another. As we head into another semester where COVID information wll be of high interest and importance to anyone interested in a particular school this is the time to review a dashboard’s status and plan for improvement.

A 6 person team (primarily from Yale University but including Baylor, Harvard, and Ohio State universities) has created what it calls “a work in progress” to rate 298 college and university dashboards from A+ (4 schools) to F (14 schools). Ratings are based on 9 criteria:

  • Easy to read?
  • Is the data updated at least every weekday?
  • What data is presented?
  • Does it provide student and staff results separately?
  • Is City/County data shared?
  • Does it state how often people are being tested?
  • Does it state how soon tests come back?
  • Does it tell how many students are in isolation or quarantine?
  • Does it give a summary of the campus status?

Sort by state and athletic conference…

The ability to sort schools includes state and athletic conference. That’s great for quickly being abot to convince a president that to invest in dashbord improvement when it scores lower than state or conference rivals. Or getting deserved recognition of your school tops your conference.

The A+ Colleges…

As is so often the case, there’s no special pattern by type of school reflected in the ratings. It is reasonable to assume, for instance, that the A+ colleges have won this rating with a variety of staff and monetary resources:

  • Wagner College
  • Tulane University
  • Ohio State University
  • George Mason University

And a Twitter account…

To follow along as the project continues, visit the project Twitter site.

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