Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Amherst College: A++ COVID website… 4 December 2020

Amherst College Only A++ COVID-19 Website Among 323 Reviewed

Amherst College COVIDThe strength of a COVID-19 website is an important marketing element today and for at least the next semester. Anyone interested in a particular college or university, especially a potential student, wants to know the on-campus COVID status. Transparency counts.

According to a ratings review of 323 higher education COVID dashboards, many schools have strong COVID sites. Only 4 received an A grade. And only Amherst College went beyond a A to receive an A++ score. Rating criteria and the folk who did the rating are at “We Rate COVID Dashboards.”

The Amherst site is especially strong when measured by “Writing Right for the Web” criteria. The page is easy to scan for key information on either mobile or large screen device in 5 seconds or less.

  • You can’t miss immediately seeing how many students, faculty, and staff are “Active Cases” and you can’t miss the “Positivity Rate.”
  • You’ll also see how the positivity rate compares to the rate in the U.S., Massachesetts, and the college’s Hampshire County location. Only the town of Amherst itself is missing.

Getting that information to people as easily as possible is important as Amherst plans to have 1,200 students on campus next Spring.

A 12-item glossary…

Another strong feature is a 12-item “Data Glossary.” It is never a good idea to assume that everyone understands the terminology used on sites like this. Like the other content here, the glossary is easy to scan and read.

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