Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Derby: An Unusual Home Page Design… 11 December 2020

Home Page Design Wins Brand Differentiation for University of Derby

University of DerbyAchieving brand differentiation in the higher educatio marketplace is akin to the search for the Holy Grail or a Unicorn (take your pick) for most colleges and universities. That’s especially true as one school after another adopts similar design ideas for a home page. Potential students often have their first contact with a particular school on the home page. Most of those look quite similar.

University of Derby immediately achieves brand differentiation with a home page like no other I’ve seen in my wandering about higher education websites this year.

You don’t see a still photo or drone video as the page opens. “Just” words introducing a maketing communications feature for potential students and a prominent search box for academic programs. As used in the U.K. and elsewhere, that’s a search for “courses” offered to find out quickly if Derby offers the academic program that most interests you.

7 easy-to-scan content blocks…

Scroll down the page and review 7 easy-to-scan content blocks with clear pathways to more information about each one”

University of DerbyUniversity of Derby

  • Derby on Demand explained… “You can access exclusive online content wherever you are, whenever you want…”
  • Live Subject Chats… where you can book into January online meetings in 13 academic clusters.
  • Postgraduate prospectus
  • Coronavirus updates
  • How were you Made in Derby… a prompt for alumni to share success stories
  • Spotlight on research
  • Creating opportunities for all

Below those content blocks you’ll find two closing sections for “Our reputation” and “About” information.

All in all, an unusual home page indeed where the creators have managed to differentiate a university by avoiding current home page design fads.

Derby dares to be different. Refreshing.

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