Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Dalhousie University: “Clean & Simple” Admissions Entry Page… 5 February 2021

Easy to find info at Dalhousie University’s “clean and simple” admissions entry page

Dalhousie UniversitySometimes you just can’t beat a “clean and simple” website design that helps visitors get to where they want to be as quickly as possible.

That’s just what Dal has done on their admissions gateway page with just 6 text blocks that you can scan in seconds as the page opens. No glitz. No glamor. Just easy to find links to continue your website journey.

Some people will come to this page from the “Admissions” link of the home page. Some may have done an organic search for “Dalhousie University” and seen the link for “Admissions” that lets them skip the home page. Whatever the pathway, this entry gate admissions page is better than anything similar I’ve seen for universities with an array of different admissions requirements for different programs and types of students.

A subtle marketing boost…

This is also a subtle way to show visitors the array of programs available at the university:

  • Undergraduate admissions
  • Graduate admissions
  • Transfer applicants
  • Upgrading and Pathway programs
  • Professional programs
  • Continuing Education

A “Writing Right for the Web” note…

Each entry category on the page features liberal use of the “you” word. Not a “students will…” do this and that anywhere on the page. This was not written by administrative bureaucrats. Makes you think Dalhousie is a friendly place. Without having to say “we’re friendly.”

Don’t let images rule the page…

There’s a wee bit of an image at the top that, like so many images on pages like this, has nothing to do with the page content… frisbee tossing. But the important content is pushed right up over much of the image. More often, we’d find that the image pushed the important content further down on the page where it was more difficult to see. Kudos to someone at Dal for resisting that impulse.

The right images in the right place are great. A hero image on every page? Not needed. Sometimes harmful.

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