Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Wolverhampton: A “Chat” Home Page… 12 February 2021

Engaging New Students in a New Way… Wolverhampton Invitation to Chat Dominates the Home Page

University of WolverhamptonUniversity of WolverhamptonYes, a chat invite on a home page or elsewhere on a website isn’t new. But making a chat invite the dominant image as the home page opens for sure is new. And so the University of Wolverhampton becomes one of the rare few schools that dares to be truly different on home page design. As a result, it creates brand differentiation right from the start.

Note also that one task that’s always tops in the minds of potential student remains visible on the page… The “Our Courses” link in the upper right leads to the available academic programs. (Scroll near to the end of the page and you’ll see another “Courses that suit you” opportunity to get this information.”)

Follow the link to chat to see that Wolverhampton does something else unusual in the chat world… profiles of 6 students you can chat with. You’ll find a small photo and information about the student’s areas of study, social interests, and more. Of course, it does require a bit more attention to the chat request if the person you first contact isn’t available. We didn’t test to see how that part works.

“How can we help?” is another unusual design feature to quickly provide navigation links to 7 different audiences based on presumed interests:

  • UK Prospective Student
  • Current Student
  • International Prospective Student
  • Business
  • Staff Member
  • Graduate
  • New Student/New Starter

Check these out and see how well you think Wolverhampton has done.

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To experience what might be the most unusual home page opening you’ve ever seen, check “Chat to a Student” at the University of Wolverhampton.

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