Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Smith College: Admissions Content for Parents… 19 March 2021

Admissions Content for Parents in 6 High Visibility Content Blocks

Smith CollegeMarketers have known for years the value of a communications program for parents of potential high school students. Alas, relatively few colleges and universities have one. For those that do highly value parent communications, easy-to-scan website content is an essential ingredient.

Smith College offers an exemplary example of how to present key content elements for parents in a design formal that easily passes the 5 second scan rule.

The content block headings take parents down a 6-step pathway from initial consideration to what might be possible after earning a Smith College degree:

  • Why Choose Smith
  • Admissions Criteria
  • Parents’ Survival Guide
  • Investing in a Smith Education
  • Campus Safety
  • Life After Smith

You’ll also see three additional blocks leading to content in 3 foreign languages. The translation links are included on each of the pages that open behind the primary pathways.

Smith Colleg The introductory content…

The page opens with ordinary text content that drives the key content blocks lower on the page. That’s more of a problem with the mobile version than on a desktop or laptop. It is likely, for instance, that few parents need the reminder in the opening sentence: “Choosing a college is perhaps the biggest decision you’ve had to work through with your daughter.”

An option… move this content to the “Why Choose Smith” page to elevate visibility of the primary blocks. Especially for smartphone visitors.

High visibility on admissions entry page…

Parents who begin on the admissions entry page will see a similar 6-block content design. “For Parents and Families” is one of those blocks and quickly takes parents along to their special place.

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Visit a website design that makes it easy for parents of potential students to scan 4 important content blocks for information important in the college selection process at “For Parents and Families.”

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