Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Georgia: Career Outcomes by Major… 26 March 2021

Career Success by Academic Major for 2020 Graduates at University of Georgia

University of GeorgiaPotential students are interested in career outcomes after earning a degree.

What’s especially valuable is career outcomes in the individual majors that interest them. Alas, few schools provide that data. Instead, almost every college and university in the U.S. tells us that about 95 percent of recent undergraduate students are either employed or in graduate or professional school within 6 months of their graduate date.

University of Georgia is one of the rare schools that offers outcomes data by individual academic program.

  • Data is online as regular web content rather than as PDFs that are seldom easy to read.
  • The data is current for 2020 graduates. Among the few others that we found, some were not updated past 2018-2019 graduates.

Potential students start on a page with an alpha listing of undergraduate and graduate programs at the university. Clean and simple design. Easy to scan. No photo needed.

University of GeorgiaAfter you’ve found a major that interests you, follow that link to detailed information about graduates in the program:

  • Employment status
  • Salary Summary… high, low, and median
  • Employers and Position Titles
  • Continuing Education Schools and Programs

Marketing notes for student recruitment…

Two important marketing steps to use this data to best advantage in student recruitment:

  • Include a link to the data on individual academic program pages that many potential students seek out when they first visit a college or university website. (That’s much better than linking to outdated 2012 data as one UGA department does.)
  • If you ask for and receive academic interest information on an inquiry form include a link to this data early in your email communication contacts. Do that to receive immediate advantage over competitors that collect academic interest info but don’t do anything with it in email communications. That’s nearly all colleges and universities.

Follow the Link of the Week

For up-to-date career outcomes information by academic major visit “Class of 2020 Career Outcomes Data for UGA Majors.”

UGA also offers standard university-wide data. Find that at “Class of 2020 Career Outcomes.”

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