Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Davidson College: 20 Student Videos for Enrollment Conversion… 23 April 2021

20 Video Series: Davidson students speak to potential future students

Davidson CollegeOne important element in persuading potential students to make a decision to attend your college or university is to let them listen to students already enrolled. Davidson College does that in a series of 20 short videos (one is 3.5 minutes, most are 2 to 3 minutes, several even shorter) that cover a great variety of topics.

Visitors to the page don’t just watch the videos at the top. You’ll see the most “love this” symbols for video #19… “Did Steph Curry go to Davidson?” The “love this” count is of course useful marketing information… the most popular topics can be built into a communication plan for other parts of the recruitment cycle.

Here’s the full topic list in scanning order:

  1. Why Science at a Liberal Arts College?… 13 “love this”
  2. What’s the Wall Academic Center… 18 “love this”
  3. Can I Hear from International Students?… 23 “love this”
  4. What is the LGBTQ+ Community Like?… 29 “love this”
  5. What About Ethnic & Cultural Diversity?… 22 “love this”
  6. How Diverse are Student Interests… 13 “love this”
  7. What is it like to be a Scholar Athlete?… 15 “love this”
  8. What is Religious Life Like on Campus?… 12 “love this”
  9. What is the Host Family Program?… 12 “love this”
  10. Can I Handle the Academics?… 18 “love this”
  11. Where do Students Hangout?… 18 “love this”
  12. Is Major & Career Advising Available?… 17 “love this”
  13. What is Lake Campus?… 24 “love this”
  14. Why Did You Choose Davidson?… 28 “love this”
  15. How is the Food?… 25 “love this”
  16. Are there International Student Clubs?… 13 “love this”
  17. Where do Students Study on Campus?… 18 “love this”
  18. Are Students Politically Engaged?… 19 “love this”
  19. Did Steph Curry go to Davidson?… 34 “love this”
  20. Is There a Davidson Jargon Cheat Sheet?… 23 “love this”

You can just watch a video… or you can also click on the prompt to “Read More” about each topic.

Opportunity for a live student connection…

Davidson CollegeThere also a note at the start of the page that “If you have remaining questions about life at Davidson, please reach out to a current student” where you’ll have a chance to scan the profiles of 17 current students and make a direct contact. Important note: the profiles include the academic major so potential students might be able to connect with someone in a major that interests them.

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