Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Notre Came: 5 Diversity Videos… 9 April 2021

Notre Dame students present their diversity experiences in 5 videos

University of Notre DameColleges and universities use a wide content variety to establish their “diversity” credentials.

Often those are missions statements, pledges, strategic plans, and references to diversity officers and clubs. Sometimes actual diversity data is included. And sometimes actual students talk about their experiences.

University of Notre Dame goes further than most schools with 5 informal video sessions introduced by admissions staff. Each one runs about 45-50 minutes and includes at least 3 students. When you visit you can select from these 5 diversity groupings under a “We Are All ND” heading:

  • First generation student experiences
  • Black Student Experiences
  • Latino Student Experiences
  • Asian American Student Experiences
  • Native American Student Experiences

There’s nothing polished about this collection… some open with a moment of silence as the person introducing the session realizes that they are “live” and ready to start. But that’s fine. Adds to the reality of what comes next.

A navigation note…

You’ll find the 5 video collection when you scroll to the end of a “Live Virtual Events” page from the link below.

Curiously, you can’t get there in any obvious way from Notre Dame’s “Diversity and Inclusion” page that includes the usual items: a president’s message, a statement of principles, and a reference to an “Oversight Committee on Diversity and Inclusion” before moving along to several text-only student stories. That’s a navigation omission that’s easy enough to correct. (And there’s no data on this “diversity” entry page that tells us just how diverse Notre Dame actually is.)

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Listen to a diverse variety of students talk about their Notre Dame experiences at “We Are All ND: Diverse Student Perspectives.”

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