Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Hartwick College: President’s Annual Report Goes Digital… 14 May 2021

Digital Age President’s Annual Report from Hartwick College

Hartwick CollegePresident’s reports often are still prepared for print media first and an online experience second. Hartwick College has taken a different approach that it describes as an “immersive digital experience where you can read and learn about all of the new and exciting initiatives at Hartwick.”

Yes, it is the experience you’ll have as you explore the content that sets it apart as much as the content itself.

This also differs from the usual annual report in that it focuses on academics: this is the “2020-2021 Academic Year Report.” You will not find anything here about college financials or donors.

The report is divided into 5 chapters:

  • Our Education Offer
  • Rankings and Student Success
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Our Community
  • Our Campus

Start at the topic that’s of most interest and return to the others as you wish… or skip them. Your choice.

Hartwick CollegePrimary emphasis is on “Our Education Offer” as the college introduces a new approach to earning your degree titled “Flightpath.” Much of the content here can also be used for direct student recruitment. Potential students themselves might be interested in the report. Parents are also a likely audience.

Video included…

A video is used to introduce the college. And a second video highlights the year-by-year experiences until graduation… and how support continues “Beyond” graduation with the help of 500+ alumni mentors. The ‘Flightpath” approach includes a 4 person “Personal Guidance Team”: Success Coach, Career Coach, Faculty Advisor, Alumni Mentor.

You’ll also find content common to most annual reports:

  • new facilities and organizational ventures,
  • faculty research strengths,
  • college ratings and rankings,
  • ethnic diversity, and more.

The report highlights the unusual fact that each of the 5 people on the executive team are women: president, interim vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty, vice president for college advancement, senior vice president for enrollment and student success, chief human resource officer, and vice president for finance.

A final section reviews how the college dealt with COVID-19 including the fact that no faculty or staff were dismissed.

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