Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Franklin & Marshall College: Outcomes by Major… 4 June 2021

Franklin & Marshall College: Outcomes by Academic Major Available for Potential Students, Starting at Home Page

Franklin & Marshall CollegeIn March the Link of the Week selection featured University of Georgia has a rare example of a university that let potential students see outcomes for students by the individual majors offered, rather than the usual “90%+ of our students are employed 6 months after graduate” found on nearly all college and university sites.

Today the Link of the Week shows again that the same strong marketing content can appear on sites of widely different institutions as we highlight graduate outcomes by major for a liberal arts college of 2,200 students. It isn’t the size of a school that counts, it is the awareness and imagination of people at schools of any type.

Visitors can view employment by major from 2017-2020 collectively. Or they can  select any single year within the group. In this example we selected “Biology” distribution among 11 easy-to-scan employment groupings. “Science/research” was highest at 32 percent. There’s also a list of the many graduate schools where biology students have enrolled.

Give F & M a gold star for including 2020 information. Not every school is as current as the most recent graduating class.

When you first arrive all the majors are checked. Remove the selections and move ahead to the individual majors of most interest.

Navigational notes and glitches…

Franklin and Marshall CollegeFranklin & Marshall CollegeFranklin & Marshall wants people to get to outcomes content. That’s clear from the placement of a prominent “F&M Prepares Students to Compete and Succeed” block on the home page. Start your journey on a laptop computer to “Find Out More” and you’ll follow that link to a nicely titled “Preparing Students to Compete and Succeed” page with a variety of information. At the end of that page you can follow a “2017-2020 Outcomes by Major” link to get to the Link of the Week page. That worked well on the laptop.

From an iPhone things didn’t go as well when I was visiting. Follow the same path to the final click point and the result was: “This page no longer exists. Find something new in the gallery or authors.” That’s being sent from the site where the outcome by majors info is located.

Alas, potential students who follow the pathway from a mobile visit will not (as least on my visit day) get to see the outcomes by major information.

Another note. If you’re planning to add information like this to your website, we’d recommend placing a link to your “outcomes by major” page on the web pages for each of the academic majors. Many students will visit an academic major of interest as their first destination on the site. So academic pages, from a marketing perspective, are a top location for an outcomes link.

Follow the Link of the Week

View another rare example of outcome results by academic major at “F&M Class of 2020 Outcomes.”

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