Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Franklin & Marshall College: 5 Student Videos… 9 July 2021

Student Videos with a Twist at Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall CollegeFranklin & Marshall CollegeStudent videos come in a variety of flavors at college on college and university websites. Some, as you might expect, are better than others.

Franklin & Marshall takes an approach that highlights 5 student goals, each with a student striving to attain that goal. Each student tells a story about how they are “Finding the Way Forward” at F&M to reach their goal.

Taken together, the five goals illustrate the breadth of what’s possible at a liberal arts college:

  • The Philosopher
  • The Aspiring Doctor
  • The Performer
  • The Entrepreneur
  • The Field Researcher

Students range from freshmen to seniors. While these are professionally done, the scripts seem pretty natural to me and thus the stories seem authentic. In a marketing skeptical world, authenticity = believability.

An outcomes connection…

No matter how well done, 5 student stories can’t give a full picture of the outcomes F&M students achieve after graduation. Scroll down past the easy-to-see student videos to 2 more links:

  • What are our recent graduates up to?
  • Where else are our other alumni?

The “recent graduates” site includes data for graduate schools, employers, geographic distribution, outcomes by major from 2017 to 2020, and more.

Following the “other alumni” link leads to the F&M Linkedin site with even more information on what F&M students are doing.

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