Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… The University of Edinburgh: 53 Student Profiles… 16 July 2021

Student profiles lead to 53 individual program descriptions at The University of Edinburgh

The University of EdinburghEvery college and university has an individual  page describing the academic programs available. None that I’ve seen take the approach used by The University of Edinburgh: focus first on the student experience in a program and them move on to the usual details offered everywhere.

That seems a smart marketing move to engage potential students interested in the programs on offer. Better for sure than the common “Why you should study… ” opening that often seems little different than what might be found in traditional academic catalog content.

Potential students who visit a “student profiles” page will find 53 listings organized in “alpha” fashion according to the names of the program for each student. The programs (or “courses” in the UK and elsewhere) start with “Accounting” and end with “Veterinary Medicine.”

Is this too many profiles to offer on a single page? No. The presentation format makes the collection easy to scan for ones of interest on either large screen or mobile device.

Introducing the academic program…

The University of EdinburghThe University of edinburghFollowing a profile leads to a page that opens with a repeat of the student profile and 3 blessedly brief content blocks:

  • My student experience
  • My programme
  • My future

For fans of the traditional academic content, not to worry. At the end of this individual profile page is a link to visit “Why study Biological Sciences at Edinburgh” where you’ll find the usual information presented by most schools: placement, applications, study abroad, and links to the many programs that fall under the “Biological Sciences” heading.

Marketing opportunities…

  • This is marvelous content to include in early if not first responses to students who make an inquiry and identify an academic areas of interest. Link in a response email to the general “profiles” page or to the individual profile page that best matches the interest area. I’m still amazed at how many schools ask for this information at point of inquiry and then don’t use it in early communications with a potential student.
  • And of course the general profiles page is a marketing research center to monitor the extent of interest in the 53 programs included. Some of the areas will have limited interest and that’s fine. The important point is to make sure that the “Top 10” areas of interest to potential students are included.

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Scan 53 student profiles at The University of Edinburgh introducing visitors to their academic programs at “Student Profiles” for Undergraduate Study.

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