Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Eastern Washington University: 10 Cost Comparisons & More… 8 October 2021

10 Cost Comparisons, 2 Cost Calculators, Scholarship Estimator Highlight Eastern Washington’s “Tuition Information” Content

Eastern Washington UniversityEastern Washington UniversityHigh school seniors completing the 2021 E-Expectations survey ranked “cost/tuition information” as their #1 Top Task when visiting a college website. Few higher educations websites make that as easy to do as Eastern Washington University.

The EWU page opens with what some might say is a gentle nudge to earn a 4-year degree rather than “just” a 2-year degree at a community college: “By earning a four-year degree, you’re more likely to have a higher-salary job and can easily switch careers.”

And then the simple statement that EWU has “the lowest in-state tuition and fees of any public university in Washington.” From there it is a quick step down the page to see that EWU at $7,720 is lowest of 10 public universities, 7 of which are more than $10,000 per year.

Sticker price comparisons alone are a starting point but don’t give potential students all they might want to know. EWU also provides:

  • Average net price by family income blocks for the same schools. (Alas, this is for 2016-17 and needs ASAP updating to maintain value.)
  • Net cost calculators for both freshmen and transfer students.
  • A merit scholarship calculator that requires only state-of-residence and GPA.
  • “Tuition, fees, and direct costs” at EWU… for a total cost of $24,751 for in-state students.
  • Details on the “Western Undergraduate Exchange” program with 17 states and territories that “can lower your cost of tuition by more than $14,000 each year.” (Cost for out-of-state students is $42,723. The WUE lowers that to $27,732.)

Overall, this is an unusual collection of cost information when presented on a single page. Too often similar content is scattered about higher education websites making it difficult to find the various bit and pieces and complete the Top Task. The combination of sticker price and net cost calculator alone is not enough.

A worthy addition to the site…

To take this one step further, EWU might add the “MyInTuition Quick College Cost Calculator” to the mix in addition to the longer, more complicated net cost calculator that most schools use. Regional public universities in Massachusetts have adopted it. So might a regional public university in Washington.

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