Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Western University: 182 Social Media Sites… 22 October 2021

Social Media for Everyone: 182 + 13 Blogs on Western University Social Media Page

Western UniversityWestern UniversityToday we highlight a university that’s obviously proud of the extensive array of social media sites available to anyone interested, from single admin offices and academic departments to “official” Western University social sites. Connect to any of them as you scan the listings on a single “Social Media at Western” web page.

The listing gives us unusually easy insight into topics being covered and what social media sites seem most important to the Western community. Consider this array:

  • Facebook… 68 sites
  • Flickr… 15 sites
  • YouTube… 22 sites
  • Twitter… 64 sites
  • LinkedIn… 6 sites
  • Instagram… 7 sites

As you might expect, individual departments have sites on more than one platform.

And blogs to read as well…

If those listings are not quite enough there are also 13 blogs listed that exist elsewhere.

Check for frequency of posting…

We didn’t check to see how often these sites actually were being used. Avoid disappointing visitors who might be interested in a particular topic by screening as best as possible for frequency of new content. Being generous… if you find sites where these is no new content in the past 12 months encourage the owner(s) to delete the site. Even better… 6 months. Ideal… a new post at least once a month.

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