Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week: UMass Amherst Online Magazine… 19 November 2021

UMass Magazine: Easy-to-Scan 13 articles with length, video, podcast features + social media connections

University of Massachusetts MagazineUniversity of Massachusetts MagazineA copy of the Fall 2021 magazine from University of Massachusetts Amherst arrived last week and a first glace showed me features I’ve not seen before on online magazines. Each goes beyond a mere headline to offer features that should help readers know what to follow on the topics that interest them.

An important first point: the format here makes it easy to move past the opening “Money Matters” article (featured as a top-of-page hero image) that will interest some visitors but not everyone to scan the 13 other options.

Scan the front page and you’ll note these points to help visitors decide what to do:

  • In several (but not all articles) a note on whether this is a “Long Read” or a “Short Read.”
  • A note to “Watch” a video on 3 of the entries.
  • A note to “Listen” to find a podcast.
  • Prompts to “Glimpse” images or photos included with the text.

All in all, this seems a strong way to take advantage of the various ways that people want to consumer online content.

Share on social media…

Open an article and you’ll see an opportunity to share with your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

PDF or Online version?

Search for past issues and you’ll get an option to view online or as a PDF. Open the PDF, view the tiny print that first appears, and you’ll quickly see why the online version is preferable.

A Top Task note…

While I haven’t seen formal top task research re what people want to do with an online magazine I’m going to take a wild guess that a top task is to see what topics are included in the magazine. UMass Amherst makes that task about as easy as it can be.

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