Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Missouri Registrar: 13 Top Tasks… 12 November 2021

Service Marketing Alive and Well at University of Missouri Registrar’s Office

Whenever we’ve done a survey of current students re what they most like and dislike about their school’s website their dissatisfaction is second only to “faculty and staff” responses. The reason: “confusing menus and links” that make it difficult for them to complete the tasks they need to do on the site.

University of Missouri RegistrarUniversity of Missouri RegistrarToday’s Link of the Week example takes a design approach that could easily be followed by any administrative office within a college or university: open the entry page with a simple, easy-to-scan in 5 seconds or less listing of the primary tasks the office should be helping students complete.

That approach requires (1) no top-of-page photos, (2) no mission or vision statements, (3) no welcome message for the head of the office. Just easy-to-see links to complete the most important tasks that are visible as soon as the page opens.

The Registrar’s office at University of Missouri is a superb example of the “top task” approach. Administrative offices everywhere would improve their ratings from current students if they were to “copy and steal” this for every office important to those students.

Continuity over the years…

This Registrar’s site first appeared as a Link of the Week in 2009. That shows an admirable absence of the dreaded need to “change because we’re tired of it” syndrome. And so special kudos to the folks responsible for this remarkable continuity.

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