Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Ottawa: 8 Great Online Professors… 21 January 2022

Promoting Online Courses at University of Ottawa: Student Opinion on 8 Great Professors

University of OttawaUniversity of OttawaMany students (and faculty) during the COVID plague time have been forced into online courses they never expected to experience. And opinions as to how well this went are mixed, to say the least.

University of Ottawa has taken an unusual step that may help students who have not yet taken an online course know what to expect from the professors who teach these courses. Ottawa has collected on one easy-to-scan page student comments on 8 professors who taught online courses.

Different profs excelled in different ways. Taken together this is a roadmap for teaching techniques that make online education work. A strong point of the collection is the variety of academic areas represented:

  • Biology
  • Political Studies
  • Health Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Business Analytics
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Music

That’s a varied selection to show that strong online teaching isn’t limited to a few academic areas. As people scan the pages, the academic area names are immediately visible along with the names of the professors. Not something to take for granted.

Other nice elements…

The students comments sound “real.” These were not massaged by PR folk in the way that many testimonials often read.

The text tells us the specific name and number of each course taught.

And the text tells us the name and level from first year to fourth year of the students giving the accolades.

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