Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Merrimack College: Careers Content for 5 Academic Divisions… 18 February 2022

Merrimack College Shows Detailed Career Content for 5 Primary Academic Areas

Merrimack CollegePotential students (and their parents where applicable) at some point in a recruitment cycle show interest in information about what the employment success of students after graduation. Nearly all use general data point that something more than 90 percent of their students are employed a few months after graduation. As a differentiator of one school from another, that’s about useless.

A very small number of schools (Georgia State University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute are the only two I know about) make outcomes information available for each individual major. For most, that seems an unimaginable task.

Merrimack College offers what we might call a mid-rage solution to providing students who are interested in a particular academic area with outcomes information specific to that area. Visitors to the “Success after Graduation” page will almost immediately see the 5 academic divisions and visit whatever is of  most interest:

  • Girard School of Business
  • School of Education and Social Policy
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Liberal Arts
  • School of Science and Engineering

Merrimack CollegeSelect a school to visit and you’ll find the “career outcome rate” for that school together with a list of organizations employing graduates from that division. Just below that you’ll see similar data for internships and graduate schools attended. This approach recognizes that interested in health sciences are not so interested in business or engineering results. And, as the say, vice versa.

Website design…

It is always a special pleasure to see content that’s as easy to read as this page. The “don’t make them squint” maxim of “writing right for the web” is well followed here.


Merrimack as you’ll see is presenting this information for the Class of 2019. That’s probably OK for now but data like this does need rapid updating. People might, after all, think that the success rates of 2019 were not as strong for 2020 and 2021 if those don’t soon appear.

Speed on mobile…

Google PageSpeed Insights measures time to first view on a mobile phone as 3.8 seconds (OK, but not great) and time to full interactivity as a slow 28.3 seconds. As is most often the case, the top recommendation for faster mobile speed is to “Reduce unused javascript.”

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See how one college presents career outcome, internship, and graduate schools attended information by academic divisions when you visit Merrimack College’s “Success after Graduation.”

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