Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Simon Fraser University: Work + Learn… 4 March 2022

Simon Fraser University: 7 “Work + Learn” Options on 1 Easy-to-Scan Web Page

Simon Fraser UniversitySimon Fraser UniversityHow can students gain work experience and earn income while they earn their degree? Various options exist at every college and university but it is rare to find all the opportunities together on a single web page. Simon Fraser University does just that.

Note the important opening message: “At SFU, there are lots of ways to gain practical work experience–and a paycheque–while you study.”

Whether you visit from a large screen or from a mobile phone, you’ll find the 7 options easy to scan in a few seconds:

  • Work Integrated Learning
  • Teaching Assistantships/Tutor-Markers
  • Work-Study Program
  • Recreation Leader
  • Co-Operative Education
  • Human Resources Temporary Pool
  • International Co-Operative Education

Each option includes a brief description and a link to “learn more” or “apply now” or “view posting.”

All in all, a simple, clean way to introduce potential as well as current students to opportunities to start building a resume while earning money. In the case of co-op, of course, the experiences offer opportunities related to a field of study.

A marketing opportunity…

Content like this should be included in early email contacts with potential students, especially when admissions staff know that “cost” is a concern. If that can’t be done as part of a “personalized” approach, surveys tell us that most students have a “cost” concern that makes this content relevant to almost everyone.

Speed on mobile…

Google PageSpeed Insights measures time to first view on a mobile phone as 2.8 seconds (good, not quite great) and time to full interactivity as 10.0 seconds… better than most higher education websites but still well above the recommended 5 seconds or less.

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Quickly scan how one university introduced students to work experience while they study when you visit Simon Fraser University’s “Work + Learn” site.

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