Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of San Francisco: Rare “Outcomes” Home Page Link… 18 March 2022

Rare Link to “Outcomes” Content from University of San Francisco Home Page

University of San FranciscoUniversity of San FranciscoPotential students have a strong interest in the career success they might expect to experience after graduating from a school that interests them. That content exists to varying extent on many college and university websites. But a link to that content is almost never seen on a website home page.

University of San Francisco is different. Visitors can’t miss the prominent “Careers from Here” link that’s part of the opening hero image. Can’t get more prominent than that.

Note the words just under the heading: “Explore internships, part-time jobs, dream jobs.”

Following the link to easy-to-scan content that includes these areas:

  • They Rise… Top 10% for Social Mobility
  • They Thrive… Top 6% in Lifetime Earnings
  • They Graduate on Time… 93% Graduation Rate
  • They Intern. A Lot… 70% of undergrads have at least 2 internships
  • They Get Hired… with 17 corporate icons
  • They Earn… $78,031 median annual income
  • Median starting salaries for 10 majors… a graph listing of salaries for 10 majors

Curiosity point: Why these 10 academic areas and not others? USF, for instance, has an engineering program. Graduates in engineering usually have high earning levels. Why not include them? That might also minimize the chance that some potential students will assume there is no engineering program if this is their first stop on their first visit and engineering is a program of interest.

Speed on mobile…

Google PageSpeed Insights measures home page time to first view on a mobile phone as 4.7 seconds  (excellent) and time to full interactivity as 12.5 seconds. Not the slowest we’ve seen but not especially fast either.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Start your visit to review University of San Francisco “Outcomes” content from the “Career from Here” link on the home page.

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