Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Gloucestershire: Personalized Online Prospectus… 13 May 2022

Personalizing Student Recruitment Information: the University of Gloucestershire Example

University of GloucestershireUniversity of GloucestershireHow important is “personalization” of student recruitment to higher education marketers?

The term means different things to different people, from the ability to personalize website content to inquiry responses by email and text to live conversations between an admissions recruiter and a potential student. Wise people differ on where personalization is most important.

Today’s Link of the Week features a “digital prospectus” where the university opens with this incentive for potential students:

  • “We want to give you the freedom to express yourself and the inspiration to push yourself. That’s why our bespoke digital prospectus allows you to choose the aspects of university life that are most important to you.”

Reporting personalization results…

How successful is the effort?

Our friends at TerminalFour who included this site in a recent blog post note that “The University has reported good results… with more than half of visitors taking advantage of the opportunity to personalize their content and an uptick in visits from international students…” Of course, it would be nice to now how far the use rate is above 50 percent. And just what does an “uptick” mean?

Note that potential students have the option to skip the personalization step and ask the site to “Show me everything” right from the start. That’s seems a smart choice to offer.

Personalization starts with academic programs…

University of GloucestershireAcademic programs offered are one of the top two or three tasks for just about every potential student visiting a website for the first time.

That’s the “What to you want to study” starting point for the Gloucestershire personalization with an array of academic program circles moving about the web page. For some it might be a bit dizzying to check them all… fortunately for those who want to check on a particular program of interest, there is a search box available.

The site continues on to selections for 10 other topics:

  • Your campus
  • Accommodation
  • Your journey
  • Our community
  • Your safety
  • Your future
  • The planet
  • Discover Gloucestershire
  • International students

Suggestion: Have your marketing team take the personalization steps. Then get together and discuss how important a marketing move like this might be to your student recruitment efforts with first time visitors to your site.

Speed on mobile… better than most in higher education

Google PageSpeed Insights measures the transfer credit evaluation page time to first view on a mobile phone as a good 2.9 seconds, below the recommended 5 seconds. Complete interactivity also is a “better than most” higher education pages at 7.4 seconds.

This week the main change to obtain a faster download speed is identified as “Serve images in next-gen formats.”

Website Carbon Calculator… a “Hurrah!” result: better than 82% of tested websites

We continue with carbon calculator index reports. Thanks again to Gerry McGovern and his efforts to reduce “world wide waste” for the referral.

The Gloucestershire results gets a rare (the 2nd in our testing so far) accolade: “Hurrah! This web page is cleaner than 82% of web pages tested.”

See the carbon use details for University of Gloucestershire and test your own home page at “Website Carbon Calculator.”

Follow the Link of the Week…

Visit the site to experience how this works… visit now at University of Gloucestershire’s “Our digital prospectus.”

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