Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… “Affordability” at Peru State College… 10 June 2022

Affordability gets prime home page link to easy-to-scan “Affordability” page at Peru State College

Peru State CollegePeru State CollegeWhen cost issues are a major concern for almost all college-bound students, Peru State College stands out from most private and public sector schools by making “Affordability” on of the 3 prominent links on the home page.

Few colleges or universities are especially transparent about pricing. Even fewer recognize that “affordability” is a key issue for high school students (and parents) headed for college. And so Peru State differentiates itself from most others by making “Affordability” one of 3 primary home page links after “Excellence” and “Engagement” headings. Spend just a few seconds on the home page and you can’t miss it.

Follow the “Read More” link to arrive at an “Affordability” page featuring 9 easy-to-scan options for meeting costs at the college.

  • Success Awards
  • Nebraska Career Scholarship
  • State College Guarantee
  • Competitive Scholarships
  • Peru State’s Promise on Costs
  • Net Price Calculator
  • Financial Aid
  • Foundation Scholarships (odd note… this is the only topic that does not link to more information)
  • Transfer Student Scholarships
  • Corrections Leadership Scholarship
  • Rural Health Opportunities
  • Public Health Early Admission

Easy-to-use 6 step price calculator for “cost to me”…

A special award to Peru for skipping an often complicated FAFSA-like Net Price Calculator for an easy-to-use 6 step estimator. From a desk top or lap top computer the 6 step guide says “quick to complete” immediately at the top as the page opens. On mobile, the same 6 steps appear below the “Agree & Continue” disclaimer. Not quite as prominent but still visible before starting the actual estimator.

People might actually complete this form to get the important “cost to me” information. That’s more important than the often cited “average cost after financial aid.” The 3 key pieces of information requested:

  • Number of people in the family.
  • Number of people in the family attending college.
  • “What is your annual household income after taxes?”

That’s it. Peru State seems to feel that this is sufficient for an accurate estimate. Pity that more schools don’t do the same.

Speed on mobile…

Google PageSpeed Insights measures the Affordability page time to first view on a mobile phone at 5.9 seconds, just above the recommended 5 seconds. Complete interactivity is slow at 21.7 seconds.

The main change for a faster download speed is identified as “Properly size images.”

Website Carbon Calculator… the dirtiest yet

Carbon calculator index reports continue. Thanks to Gerry McGovern and his efforts to reduce “world wide waste” for the referral.

Alas, Peru State results puts it in last place among the schools tested this year… carbon use for the “Affordability” page is worse than 99 percent of the sites tested.

See the carbon use details for Peru State College and test your website pages at “Website Carbon Calculator.”

Follow the Link of the Week…

See how Peru State College presents 9 easy-to-scan “Affordability”  content links when you visit the Affordability page from the home page.

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