Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… St. Norbert College: Scholarship Priority for NPC… 9 September 2022

Quick Scholarship $$$ Opens Net Price Calculator at St. Norbert College

St. Norbert CollegeSt. Norbert College“How much will you pay for college?”

That’s the key question that every potential student wants to know. Sooner in the recruitment cycle is better than later.

You want to show potential students that they likely will not pay your “sticker price.” You discount tuition for almost all entering students. Then why force them to complete a full Net Price Calculator before starting to answer the question “How much will you pay for college?”?

“Scholarship” is a magic word…

Scholarship is the magic word in a financial aid package.

Give a potential student a likely scholarship amount at the start of the NPC. That’s incentive to complete the rest of the form. That’s smart marketing.

In my sample case, I told St. Norbert I was a potential 2023 student with a 3.6 GPA living in Michigan and planning to live on campus. Just 4 easy steps. The result? A $21,000 Presidential Scholarship with the note that “With continued academic success, this award may be renewed annually for up to four years, for a total value of $84,000.”

Bragging rights for parents…

A scholarship also gives parents something to brag about with family, friends, neighbors.

Give them that information as early as possible. Beat the timing of your competitors. You don’t, of course, have to link that directly to the Net Price Calculator. Easy enough to create a stand alone form to do the same thing. But if your first goal is NPC completion, start the process with this St. Norbert approach.

Test a marketing-smart scholarship approach at St. Norbert’s “Net Price Calculator.”

Speed on mobile…

Google PageSpeed Insights measures the time to first view on a mobile phone at 5.4 seconds. Time to full interactivity was a rapid at 7.3 seconds.

The main change to make things even faster: “Eliminate render-blocking resources.”

Website Carbon Calculator…

Thanks to Gerry McGovern and his efforts to reduce “world wide waste” for the referral.

“Uh oh! This web page is dirtier than 67% of web pages tested.”

See how your website helps or hurts  the climate. Test your website pages at “Website Carbon Calculator.”

Follow the Link of the Week…

See how easy St. Norbert College makes it for students (and parents) to learn about a likely scholarship amount when you visit the “Net Price Calculator.”

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