Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Missouri: Top Task Registrar Design… 23 September 2022

15 Tasks Open Registrar’s Page at University of Missouri

University of MissouriIn every top task survey that included faculty and current students in the research, faculty were always the people most dissatisfied with the college or university website. Followed closely by current students. Why? Inability to easily find the tasks they needed to complete on the website.

Every administrative department at every college and university easily could follow this Mizzou example to improve the proverbial “user experience” for faculty and current students. Admirably missing from this page as it opens:

  • A picture at the top of the page showing university buildings or people in the office.
  • A “welcome” statement.
  • A mission statement.

None of those features common on administrative websites help people visiting the page complete their tasks. Much better simply to open with an array of content blocks that visitors can scan in 5 seconds or less to find the task that brought them to the page. On desktop or laptop computer, every block is immediately visible as the page opens with no need to scroll down the page. On mobile, the scroll is quick to complete.

Note that the first task listed is about “transcripts.” We don’t know if that’s because that’s the #1 task for people visiting the site. But we’d be willing make a small wager that it is.

Design continuity award…

This page was earlier selected as a Link of the Week in February, 2008. That admirable continuity in a web world where change too often is done simple for the sake of change.

Speed on mobile… 4.1 seconds to first view

Google PageSpeed Insights measures the time to first view on a mobile phone at 4.1 seconds… just under the recommended 5 seconds or less. Time to full interactivity was 6.3 seconds, faster than most.

The main change to make things even faster: “Eliminate render-blocking resources.”

Website Carbon Calculator… another “Hurrah!”

Thanks to Gerry McGovern and his efforts to reduce “world wide waste” for the link to the calculator.

“This web page is cleaner than 85% of web pages tested.” The cleanest we’ve yet tested.

See how your website helps or hurts  the climate. Test your website pages at “Website Carbon Calculator.”

Follow the Link of the Week…

See how the University of Missouri Registrar puts top tasks in top position at “Office of the University Registrar.”

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