Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Social Media at William & Mary University… 17 February 2023

Social media throughout a university on display at William & Mary

Every college and university website today includes links to social media. Few if any give as much prominence to social media activity everywhere throughout the school as William & Mary University.

Visit the social media page from the link below and you’ll see social media first listed in 8 categories:

  • Schools
  • Academic Departments, Programs & Centers
  • Administrative Offices & Groups
  • Libraries & Museums
  • Athletics
  • Interest Groups/Activities
  • Alumni Regional Networks
  • Alumni Affinity & Identity Groups

Scroll to each group to see the scope of the social media presence and how it varies from one area to another. Facebook is by far the most common. Twitter is frequent. LinkedIn is scarce.

If you would rather take a different look at what’s available there are links on the page to regroup the initial “Category” display. Select from 3 alternatives:

  • Name
  • Type
  • School

You’ll also find links to “Guideline & Tips” and a display of “Current Hashtags.” If anyone at William & Mary thinks something in missing they can use the link to “Suggest a Link or Connection.”

Follow the Link of the Week…

Visit a strong display of social media available throughout a university at the William & Mary “Social Stream.”

Speed on mobile… 1.7 seconds to first view, 4.5 seconds to full interactivity

Google PageSpeed Insights measures the time to first view on a mobile phone at an excellent 1.7 seconds. Time to full interactivity was  4.5 seconds. Both are great scores.

The first step to improving mobile speed once again: “Eliminate render-blocking resources.”

Website Carbon Calculator… Another “Hurrah” rating

Thanks to Gerry McGovern and his efforts to reduce “world wide waste” for the referral.

The William & Mary social media accounts page rating of “cleaner than 83% of web pages tested” also is among the best tested.

Does your website help or hurt the climate? Test your website pages at “Website Carbon Calculator.”

Recommend a future Link of the Week

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