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Director of Publications & PR for Enrollment
Hofstra University

“I continue to enjoy your newsletter and find it most helpful.”

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Dean of Admissions
WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“I enjoy getting your newsletter; it’s one of the few resources that is actually well worth taking the time to read!”

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“Terrific newsletter issue! Thank you. From time to time I get out of the habit of reading the entire letter, but this issue reminded me what a valuable resource this is!”

Gary Hammon
Chief Information Officer
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“I appreciate your work with Links of the Week. It is great reading each week.”

Sylvain Bedard
Information Officer, Institutional Advancement
University of Quebec at Montreal

“As always, thank you for your excellent newsletter. Lately, I particularly appreciate the wonderful job you are doing in capturing social networking in higher education.”

Susan Andrews
Senior Associate Dean for Communication
USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

“My first newsletter (April 09) and I just had to say how great it is! Full of very relevant and useful information.”

Urfan Ali
Public Relations Office
University of Bristol

“Loved this issue of the newsletter. They are all excellent, but this one is particularly useful. Love the Times piece about the Harvard MBA.”

Betsy Butterworth
Director of Marketing and Web Services
Dominican University

“I heard your presentation in Chicago last summer and signed up for your newsletter. It is a wonderful tool for those of us who are working to recruit students into higher education programs. Know that your efforts are truly appreciated.”

Debbie Catri
Director of Resource Development & Graduate Outreach
Ohio University

“Today’s Higher Education Marketing Newsletter was a particularly toothsome edition. Good, relevant stuff.”

Gabe Welsch
Assistant Vice President of Marketing
Juniata College

“Thank you so much for your newsletters. I find the material well-presented, relevant and helpful in generating new thoughts and ideas.”

Mary Bresnahan
Assumption College

“Your content is awesome. Yours is one of the 5 or 6 newsletters I subscribe to. I just don’t have time to read anything that isn’t incredibly relevant and your stuff makes that cut.”

Ann Stark
Marketing Director
Northern Michigan University

“Keep up the good work. I consider your eNews a fabulous resource for improving my service and marketing.”

Rosemary Taylor, MBA
Marketing Director
City University of Seattle

“I have been reading your e-newsletters for so many years now, plus attending your sessions at conferences, and I don’t know if I’ve ever taken the time to say thanks! I am continually improving how I do my job as a result of what I learn from you. Thanks for being a marketing visionary for us in higher education.”

Karen Baum, CSJA
Assistant Vice President, Marketing Communication
Avila University

“I enjoy your Link of the Week newsletter — frankly, it is the most useful benchmarking tool I take advantage of, so thank you for putting it out there.

Reena Lichtenfeld
Moore School of Business
University of South Carolina

“Today’s newsletter is chock full of great stuff once again. Thanks for your ongoing coverage of all things higher ed.”

Stacy Snow
Assistant Director, Extension Marketing
University of Missouri

“Let me say again how much I love your weekly columns. Yesterday’s newsletter was so chock-full of good stuff it was almost overwhelming!”

Carol Mandel
Director of Marketing
Lynn University

“Your newsletter is one of the best in the business. You always keep me on my toes professionally by introducing great examples of what’s new and feasible in higher ed marketing. Thank you for this important service!”

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Elon University

“Thanks for the great newsletter, Bob, and for all you do to spur us on to great things.”

Jeff Papp
Huntington University

“I look forward to your e-newsletters each month and find them extremely informative; often I send them on to others who would find sections of interest.”

Dee Ann Rexroat
Cornell College

“I really appreciate your newsletter – it inspires me to focus on ways to improve our website and marketing efforts related to the site.”

Linda Chaney
Eckerd College