Mobile marketing… how did your website visitors get there?

iPhone Dominates Mobile Access: for a small group of website visitors

Two mobile marketing workshops are set for this summer, both in July in Chicago. I’m busy with that research now, including new online inquiries at schools venturing into mobile marketing.

The first workshop, at the ACT Enrollment Planners Conference, is especially for people who need to weave mobile marketing into their mix of student recruitment marketing activities. The second, at eduWeb 2010, is for anyone interested in higher education online communications.

A key question, of course, is whether or not people are using mobile devices in sufficient quantity to make the expenditure of scarce time, energy, and dollars in this area at all.

Mobile Access on Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics on your website, that’s easy to find out. When you get to your dashboard, open “Visitors” in the left hand column, scroll down to “Mobile” and open that to “Mobile Devices.” You’ll immediately see how many visitors you are getting at all from mobile devices, as well as which ones people are using. Here’s a screen shot from my website today.
Mobile devices on GA.ppt

The first thing to note (I’ll bet real money this is true at your site as well) is that most of your web visitors do not yet arrive from a mobile device. The second thing is that for those who do, the iPhone has a huge lead over anything else.

iPad: Track the Growth

Will the iPad be important? Easy enough to track that week by week if you want, or at least month by month. Today, for instance, I noted the first 3 people using iPads to visit my website.

Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites?

What’s going to be most important to your marketing success, mobile apps or mobile websites?

Count on both, of course. Who said life would be so simple that you’d only have to work on one or the other? But don’t get carried away with app development without also preparing your site for direct access from mobile devices. Check this article at ReadWriteWeb for a presentation of the need to ensure that your official website works well for visitors using a variety of mobile devices. 

While the iPhone dominates now, expect to see Android-based smartphones increase their market share between now and the end of the year. If that happens, you’ll see it in your analytics tracking. At some point, you may need to move past iPhone/iPad apps.

Check iPhone Apps on the iPad 

Don’t assume that all iPhone apps will work well on an iPad. Early reports note that some do not play well on the larger iPad screen. If you already have iPhone apps, check them now on the iPad. Some are being described as “ugly” and even Steve Jobs banned some popular Apple apps from the iPad.

The good news is that web analytics can help you make informed decisions about all of this based on the trends you see emerging for new and returning visitors as you track this in the months ahead.

Web Analytics for Recruitment: Conference Presentation in June 

I’ll be covering more about web analytics tracking in my session at Carol Aslanian’s conference on recruiting adult students in June in Chicago

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  1. No question Bob that mobile marketing is the wave of the future and certainly the hot trend right now! I also agree with you on the Iphone Apps, it seems like a lot of 14-18 year olds have those!
    Again great post and enjoyed… if you want to read more about marketing for higher education and business, please see
    best to you,

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