Mobile marketing in higher education… 4 key points for student recruitment

Mobile marketing in higher education: a student recruitment opportunity in 2011

Is it really almost March? Indeed it is. And that tells me it is time to start thinking about updates to last year’s series of mobile marketing workshops done for ACT’s Enrollment Planners Conference, eduWeb2010, and the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education.

This year, new mobile marketing workshops are already set for J.Boye2011 in Philadelphia in May and again at the ACT Enrollment Planners Conference in July.

Mobile marketing in higher education was of high interest last year and that interest is continuing to grow in 2011. This is the year where lack of a mobile marketing strategy will give a major marketing advantage to your competitors.

Key points for recruitment success

As I get ready to make the updates in March, here are key points that come to mind from a marketing perspective.

  • Finding your list of academic programs is a top task for future students. Marketers must insist that a link to a list of academic programs is clearly visible when people start on the first mobile page, whether that’s an app or a mobile website. Don’t compromise on this.
  • A serious danger point happens when links for a list of academic programs lead to regular website pages that are not yet mobile friendly. If your mobile content strategy does not have a priority list to make academic programs of most interest to future students mobile friendly, that’s a serious deficiency. Fix it.
  • Keep the inquiry form clean and simple, even more so than on a regular website. Remember, the longer the form, the fewer people will complete it. Ask only what you need to get info back to the person making the inquiry. Few schools need to know gender, date of birth, and similar demographic data. Be ruthless about this.
  • Start now to use web analytics data from your regular website to identify pages that are seldom if ever visited. When you get to the inevitable point of building a true mobile-friendly website, you’ll need objective data to limit your workload to what’s of most interest to your visitors. What percent of your present web pages are irrelevant based on actual use? Nobody needs to plan to convert their entire “traditional” website to a mobile-friendly site.

Mobile Marketing Workshop May 3 in Philadelphia

Join us at the J.Boye Phildelphia 2011 conference. The higher education track is great this year, with a special international flavor that you can’t find at other conferences here in the U.S.

Together with Nathan Gerber from Utah Valley University, I’ll be doing a tutorial on “Mobile Communication Challenges in Higher Education: Issues, Perils, Potential.” The first two hours will be an overview of what’s happening in higher education, replete with best practice examples and some not-so-best practices. Nathan will close things out with a Utah Valley case study.

Register after you check the full conference agenda.

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