Writing Right for the Web… 2 questions from my May webinar

Writing Right for the Web… improving your web content one question at a time

During each Writing Right for the Web webinar with Academic Impressions, people participating send in questions that I answer in writing. We had several question from the May sessions and I’ll include some of those here that seem of most general interest.

“Is it now okay to use numerals for 0-9 instead of spelling them out?”
  • That would very much depend on who you ask. Direct marketers would say yes (as they have done for years), while many if not most others would say no.
  • This isn’t an issue I’d recommend going to war over in an academic environment.
  • In areas such as Twitter and texting, you’re much more likely to see this happening. In regular websites, not so much.
  • I would try for it in headlines and primary page headings and sub-headings. “Top 5 Reasons to Visit Us” will always be more effective than “Top Five Reasons to Visit Us” and you may find that cases like that are easier for people to accept than in regular text writing.
  • You can also check the AP Style Book. After all, they recently approved “website” over “Web site” as proper use. Miracles can happen. 

“Are there any guidelines for using anchor tags for long, scrollable pages such as FAQs?”

I’ll have more questions and answers here soon.

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That’s all for now.

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