Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Cornell College: Tasks for Faculty & Staff… 21 July 2017

23 Task Links for Faculty & Staff Easily Pass the 5-Second Rule

Cornell College Faculty and StaffIn the many CCI website audience surveys we’ve done over the past few years, one group is always the most dissatisfied with a college or university website: faculty and staff. The primary reason is always the same: confusing navigation and links that make it difficult for to find a pathway to the day to day tasks they most need to do.

While I don’t have test results for the Cornell College “Faculty & Staff” page, I suspect faculty and staff at many colleges and universities would value a similar page that so clearly presents 23 task links grouped under 4 major headings:

•Campus Resources

•Workorders & Forms



Two other design points: (1) Note the absence of a photo opening the page. A photo would just push the important content lower on the page, making it less immediately visible. No need for a photo here. (2) Finding news and events content is a top task for this group. The Cornell design places it just below the opening tasks.

Readers might ask this question: How were these 23 links selected? For the current page, it was a combination of faculty and staff survey and a review of analytics on content use. Jen Visser, senior director of marketing and interactive media at Cornell, reports that the college now is reviewing current use of the links to identify possible changes. And that, of course, is a smart thing to do on a regular (maybe annual?) basis.

Mobile Speed…

Google’s Test My Site evaluation gives the Faculty & Staff page a “Good” rating of 4 seconds for download speed, estimating that only 10% of visitors will leave before downloading is complete. Using the new “Think with Google” measures, time tests may vary.

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