Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Michigan Ross School: Admissions Blog… 8 November 2019

10 Clear, Easy-to-Scan Blog Posts to Help Ross School Admissions Candidates

University of Michigan Ross School of Business Admissions BlogThe venerable blog format still has an important marketing role to play… especially when aspiring students can easily scan recent posts whether visiting on a mobile or large screen device.

In this case, our example is from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. The design format, of course, will work for any professional school. Or any admissions site. (We visited about 15 MBA admissions blogs before making this selection… none even came close to the Ross example for clarity of content presentation.)

5 special points to note:

  • Each headline presents something that is likely to help a potential student, from “How to Master the Michigan Ross MBA Application Essay Prompts” in June to “Get the Most Out of Your Visit to Campus” in November.
  • White space and typography are admirably done. The “need to squint” that plagues so many content-heavy blog examples is absent. That’s especially important for smart phone visitors.
  • Photos are used with restraint so they do not clash with headlines and the intro blurb leading to more on each topic. Just about a perfect combination of photo + headline + blurb.
  • Links to social media sites are easy to see… Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • If you like video, there’s a link to a video series from the Director of Admissions with more tips for a succcessful admit decision.

The most important point?

  • The scannability of the 10 content topics. No matter how great your content if visitors can’t scan in 5 seconds or less and find something of interest you’re headed for a marketing fail. Website visitors are impatient. Speed counts.

University of Michigan Ross School of Business

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