Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Grand Valley State University: “Advance Your Career” Home Page… 24 April 2020

Home Page features Top Task for Potential Students at Grand Valley: “Advance Your Career”

Grand Valley State UniversityAs long as we’ve run “top task” research at colleges and universities, two words always highlight the tiny group of tasks that’s most important to potential students: “advance my career” and “career advancement.” Those words are magnets… when potential students see them as a link they follow the link to get more information on what is, for most people, the primary reason to invest in a college degree.

“Career advancement” is especially strong for “adult” students but it also ranks high with new high school graduates. In this case, we can suspect that Grand Valley places a recruitment priority for students why may or may not have already earned a college degree but are in search of new skills and credentials. In a state where the high school population is seriously shrinking that’s a smart marketing move.

Despite this high level of interest the “career” words almost never appear on a college or university home page. Grand Valley State University stands out by giving “Advance Your Career” a priority placement as one of just 4 links that appear at the top of the home page. Visitors will immediately see the small link group on both mobile and large screen versions.

Curiosity had me check the home pages of the 14 other public universities in Michigan… none came close to this top task emphasis for student recruitment.

Grand Valley State UniversityFollow the “Advance Your Career” link to arrive at “Get Ready for What’s Next” and you’ll find links to 7 advancement options:

  • Certificates
  • Undergraduate degree completion
  • Graduate degree programs
  • Online programs in technology
  • Online programs in education
  • Online programs in health
  • Online programs in business and professional fields.

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