Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Smith College: “Explore Admission” for Parents… 12 June 2020

Smith College Presents 6 Easy-to-Scan topics for “Parents and Families” to “Explore Admission”

Smith College Parents and FamiliesParents. Some of the most important people in the college selection process. And yet special content for parents is too often ignored or underplayed on college and university websites. Smith College offers an alternative with 6 easy-to-scan topics for parents and other family members to expore to learn more about key elements at the college.

Mobile content presentation glitch…

There’s a bit of a speed bump when the page opens on a smart phone. The marketing text that seems reasonable on a large screen computer (i.e. the horizontal content placement reduces the time it takes to scroll to the 6 topics) takes up more space in the vertical mobile view.

Straight text like this without subheads is not web-friendly. Presenting it as the first view of the page increases the risk that some visitors will leave the page before scrolling down to the more visible content headings. And as with all websites, few visitors are interested in reading marketing content. “Explore Admission” is the important part of the page.

Better yet: drop text like this entirely. Weave this content into the relevant sections of each topic that follows and let parents see the 6 content areas immediately on both mobiel and large screen as the page opens.

The 6 easy-to-scan topics…

Smith College Parents and FamiliesWhen you get past the opening marketing message, the 6 topics are clear and parents can move quickly to the topic of highest interest:

  • Why Choose Smith
  • Admission Criteria
  • Parents’ Survival Guide
  • Investing in a Smith Education
  • Campus Safety
  • Life After Smith

Language options…

Just after the 6 topics are 3 language options: Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. A reasonable assumption is that these correspond to primary recruitment areas for international students.

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