Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Virginia Tech University: Brand Center… 24 September 2021

Virginia Tech Outlines the Brand Identity and How to Implement It

Virginia Tech UniversityMore than a few colleges and universities struggle with how to get various departments and divisions to follow institution-wide brand elements. Virginia Tech takes the basic step of creating a simple, easy-to-follow outline of elements that make up “The Virginia Tech Brand.”

Listed on the opening page are 7 easy-to-scan elements:

  • “Inclusive, courageous, & adaptable” brand strategy
  • “What is good design?” for the brand identity
  • “Master brand, extensions, & brands” of the brand architecture
  • “Get your licensed merchandise!”
  • “University style guide & messaging” for communicating
  • “All the files you would need” to download
  • “Feedback, requests & directory” leading to several contact points for the first 6 pieces.

That’s it. Different people will have different needs at different times but this display seems to cover most of what’s necessary to boost common brand elements across the university. Clean, simple, easy to follow.

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