Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Harvard Business School: 10 Faculty Podcasts… 15 October 2021

Harvard Business School features 10 easy-to-scan faculty podcast topics

Harvard Business SchoolPodcasts for sure are popular. But not everyone has equal interest in every topic that people are talking about. Harvard Business School highlights the investment faculty have made in podcast production by listing 10 entries on a single easy-to-scan page.

At HBS this page is part of the “Newsroom” website that includes sections on “Press Releases,” “Social Media,” and “Podcasts” in the top navigation as the entry page opens. On the podcast page there are nothing but podcasts listed. That’s not always true of other business school podcast presentations that often offer distractions from the primary content.

Page design is admirably done. Each podcase has a small graphic image, title, date of the most recent entry (all are in 2021), a brief summery of the contents, and in some cases a note on frequency. Visitors can easily scan the page in less than 30 seconds to find something of interest. That’s it. Nothing gets in the way of a quick scan.

If you have several podcasts within a particular division of your college or university… consider this easy-to-replicate design strategy.

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