Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week…Duke University: 7 Alumni Giving Options… 24 March 2022

Alumni Giving Page at Duke University: 7 High Visibility Options Get Immediate Attention

higher education marketing, Duke Universityhigher education marketing, Duke UniversityLet me make an assumption without any research to support it: People (many, if not most) who visit alumni donation sites have a special interest in deciding how their money will be spent right from the first moment of making a donation.

That’s not easy information to find from a search for “Alumni donation websites.”  In the first 4 pages searched this also was available at Boston University. But it wasn’t nearly as visible as at Duke University. It didn’t exist on the first pages of the other sites found in the search.

Duke gives alumni 7 “Discover Your Impact” options:

  • Student Experience
  • Research
  • Faculty Support
  • Financial Aid
  • Duke Health
  • Campus Transformation
  • Annual Fund

As you move from one icon to the next there’s a brief (4 to 6 lines) description of each category in an easy-to-read font size, followed by a link to “See the Impact on the Student Experience” or whatever other topic you picked. Nicely done. Duke gives a potential donor more info about giving choices and what might be achieved for each one than most other alumni donation sites.

A marketing research note…

This is also a marketing research feature. What topics gather the most clicks? And the highest donations per click? Does “Duke Health,” for instance get higher donations per click than “Annual Fund” even if the latter gets more visits?

Speed on mobile…

Google PageSpeed Insights measures home page time to first view on a mobile phone as 3.6 seconds (better than most) and time to full interactivity as 13.8 seconds. Still distant from the 5 seconds or less that Google considers best. First recommendation to improve speed: “Serve images in next-gen formats.”

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See how Duke University prominently displays 7 giving options for alumni when you visit “Giving to Duke.”

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