Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Case Western Reserve University: Alumni Stories & Academic Programs… 9 June 2023

Case Western Reserve Links Alumni Stories to Academic Program Stories

Case Western Reserve UniversityNearly all alumni websites include stories from and/or about alumni. Some mention a person’s academic major. Not many link from an individual story to details about that person’s academic major. That’s a marketing mistake, particularly for alumni stories located in the admissions area and intended to boost student recruitment.

Case Western Reserve takes marketing advantage from potential students who like a story from an alumnus in an area that interests them and might want from that point to learn more about that program. At the end of each story is a highly visible link to the program. Smart. Simple. But not often seen.

At the end of an academic program page are 3 links that let potential students take a next step depending on where the are in the recruitment process: (1) “Request More Info” or (2) “Schedule a Visit” or (3) “Apply Now.” No need to go back to a different page to take a new action.

A caveat…

Case Western Reserve UniversitySuccess of the academic program link will depend in no small part to the quality of the content that appears after the link. And the quality varies. When you visit, check the strong offerings for Business and Nursing and Social Sciences that include easy-to-scan data points for each program.

Compare that with the paltry content available for Engineering. Yes, you can continue from the first page that appears to a different Engineering page but the first impression from the “Alumni Stories” page likely will disappoint. That’s especially true for anyone who first visits one of the pages with more complete content.

Follow the Link of the Week…

See how Case Western links potential students from alumni stories to individual academic majors when you visit the “Alumni Profiles” page.

Speed on mobile… 2.4 seconds to first view, 13.5 seconds to full interactivity

Google PageSpeed Insights measures the time to first view of the “Alumni Stores ” page on a mobile phone at a good 2.4 seconds. Time to full interactivity was slow at 13.5 seconds.

The first step to improving mobile speed: “Reduce unused JavaScript.”

Website Carbon Calculator… dirtier than most others

Thanks to Gerry McGovern and his efforts to reduce “world wide waste” for the referral.

The Case Western “Alumni Stories” page is “dirtier than 88% of web pages tested.”

Does your website help or hurt the climate? Test your website pages at “Website Carbon Calculator.”

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